Landscape Installation

New sod lawn being installed

We Recommend New Genuine Marathon ll Sod From Southland Sod Farms For Your Front Lawn*




The Process:
First, you can call, text, or book online for a free appointment 
then I will arrive on time at your home, office, or business 
listen to your specific needs, take measurements of all desired lawn areas, 
determine the sprinkler configuration, discuss terms, 
then proceed with your project after your confirmation.

How to contact:
Call (562) 326-4984
Text (562) 326-4984

or book an appointment online

* Front yards

with Marathon ll are beautiful, & green all year and perfect for the high visibility aesthetics of the front of your home, office, or business building.

 Back yards

are traditionally used a portion of the year, and can receive heavy traffic from dogs, kids, and guests. Saint Augustine repairs itself, and goes to sleep in fall and winter when your back is less in use (no need to mow)