I speak perfect english clearly, slowly,

and in simple understandable terms

What I Will Do:
I will make arrangements to come to your home or business free of charge, and listen to your needs very carefully then assess the remedy, calculate the cost, and determine when would be the best time to proceed upon your approval. Most appointments result in a quote on the spot.

About me:
I've been installing, repairing and maintaining sprinkler systems in the Long Beach / Lakewood area for almost as long as there have been systems here. As one of the most experienced Long Beach sprinkler repair guys in the area and have worked on systems stretching over the entire greater Long Beach area. I offer monthly check-up service to make sure that all of your sprinkler heads are in good working order and that your lawn is getting all of the water it needs. Once I arrive we'll get straight to work and diagnose whatever it is that ails your system. I do what it takes to quickly locate underground pipes and leaks so we can get to repairs quickly without having to drill exploratory holes in your lawn. Being able to locate the problem quickly allows me to have most repairs done in just a few hours. If it is going to take longer, we'll keep you in the loop. Just know that we'll never rush through a job to get it done. It's either done right or we don't do it at all.