Why choose Sprinkler Service:

 Many years of residential and commercial sprinkler repair & troubleshooting in the greater Long Beach / Lakewood / and Whittier area makes us uniquely attractive especially when the problem is complex.


 We offer one year warranty on all work, and accept all major credit or debit cards either on the spot or invoice.

What we do:

 We will make arrangements to come to your home or business free of charge, and listen to your needs very carefully then assess the remedy, calculate the cost, and determine when would be the best time to proceed upon your approval.  


 Most appointments result in a quote on the spot.

Sprinkler repair faucet
A1 Sprinkler Repair Service Truck & Crew

Sprinkler Repair Services

  • Sprinkler repair

  • New Installation

  • Spring / Fall tune-ups for your system

  • General Maintenance and Inspections,

  • Checks and adjustments of sprinkler systems

  • Sprinkler head repair and replacement

  • Raising and lowering sprinkler heads

  • Sprinkler valve replacement

  • Electronic sprinkler valve location

  • Repairing broken sprinkler pipes

  • Sprinkler controller timer replacements

  • Wiring problems

  • Coverage problems

  • More...